I Build Walls .

I build walls where ever I go
I build walls to let go
To be light and free,
Free of emotions that weigh you down
Emotions that cause tears to roll down
Whenever attached to anyone I get
And not willing to leave them yet,
For reasons good or bad,
Emotions when reach the zenith
And tangle like climbers within,
Last snaps with them I take
And paste them to my album,
Which I bury in a huge treasure trunk,
That opens only to swallow junks.
Shutting it close I return to my chores
Only to come back with another set of photos.
Forbidding myself to be shackled by commotions,
I build walls around my emotions.

2 thoughts on “I Build Walls .

  1. Amita Paul

    A neat system of filing away ones “ surplus “ emotions
    Very useful for keeping life uncluttered except that the past and the sub conscious have a way of rising from the dead or breaking the locks of trunks and coming to haunt and waylay us at the most unexpected times

    Great effort , dear Bilquis Fatima

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