I Believe


I believe that love conquers all.
I believe that divided, we will fall.
I believe that truth sets us free.
I believe that forever we will be.


I believe not all angels have wings.
I believe the joy love brings.
I believe that fairies dance.
I believe in that second chance.


I believe in the circle of life
and in the earth’s perfect balance,
with the sun and moon, summer and rain,
and I believe that time heals all pain.


I believe that for very child who prays,
an angel smiles besides him, always.
I believe tomorrow will be a better day
and every lost soul will find his way.

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Jonathan Aquino is the author of "The Way To Inner Peace" published by Amazon Kindle, and "Fisherboy," "Why The World Needs Heroes" and "A Celebration of Life" published by Smashwords. His stories, essays, articles and poetry have appeared in various international anthologies, literary websites, citizen journalism websites and various major newspapers and magazines. His plays have aired on national radio in his home country, the Philippines

7 thoughts on “I Believe

    1. Jonathan Huggybear Post author

      Thank you Louis. I have no words to express my gratitude (which is a strange thing for a writer to say) but it is coming from the most authentic part of my being.

  1. Monika Ajay Kaul

    They say, “Man is what he believe…!!”. So true.

    The hopeful and promising composition made this saying so vivid.


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