“I AM Surviving”

“I Am Surviving”

I survived from being born murder, before my birth,
And He spares me,
I survived molestation,
And he comfort my spirit
I survived rape,
And he strengthens me.
I survived verbal abuse by mankind,
And he was my voice.
I survived physical pain,
And he healed me from the inside out.
I am surviving despite my learning disability,
And he reminds me, I am in his image.
I am surviving with stress and depression,
And in his arms, I am at peace.
I am surviving this environment,
And he held me near his bosom.
I survived the disadvantages,
And he meant for me to be a TESTIMONY.
Written by Feon Davis
© 2007 All Rights Reversed.

Psalm 119:105

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About prayerpoems

Hello I am the Miss Davis. I have been writing for 30 some years now. Living in North Carolina, Morehead city near the eastern coast. I have 2 family pets. I love writing of Inspirational poems, essays This life as Christian woman of God growing up, in Morehead City, North Carolina. I wanted to share with everyone my disability. I am born with learning disability. And along with that I had some trauma events that took place, since the age 5-adult age. In addition, I have anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, social anxiety, and pigment problems. I thank God I am here. And I would have this spiritual connection from God. To the point I would have vision, dreams and even here whispers from God. I am still learning, yet am hobble a lot when I ask God to guide me and show me what it is he wanted me to do. I never give up, even when I am frustrated, or angry of my emotions. As you all heard the saying "He has all control". At one time, I would wish and wanted to be normal and live normal. But I am coming to a higher sincerity, if you will of his plan for me. Even with my mental and physical limits and boundaries. My senses and spirit is open to what humanity can not hear what I hear. Like angels singing. Here God's spirit speaks words of poetic words to my heart and soul. I have been blessing over the years to write Christian poetry and few inspirational poems. But it what I didn't expect is write other types of writing. Eventually, started essay writing. Through pray, I learn a lot more from the Lord I also rebuild my own computer. My hobbies also includes sewing and designing my web site and blog with my writing. NOTE: POEM ENTITLED " I AM SURVIVING" IS A TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCE THAT I WENT THROUGH.

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    1. Louis Kasatkin

      Thank you Feon for your very supportive comments.I’m glad that the term “Faith-Centered” is acceptable
      .Faith-centered describes the in-tent as well as the con-tent of what an author is really doing.”devotional”
      and “praise” and “spiritual” are traditional and good ways of describing their kind of work too,but Faith-Centered does it better.

      1. Feon

        I am just so intereted what you are explaining here about my poems. I never really was able to pinpoint my writing like I hope I would able too. And you hit the nail on the head with this Louis. Your first to really narrow it down for me so I can not only grasp it but understand it better. Let me ask should base my web site tags toward the very content you spoken of here. I was just curious on your take of this.

        1. Louis Kasatkin

          Hi Feon!-To answer your last question first;regarding website tags,whatever you decide,simply from a professional
          viewpoint,keeping things as clear and simple as possible is usually the better option.As a writer,you need to build and
          develop a reputation and be as consistent as possible in what it is exactly that you are promoting as part of your puiblic profile.

  1. ramesh rai

    I like to add this poem in my list. will you please
    Despite of every betrayal faith exists. Truly an outstanding write. I have never read such emotions and thoughts, Relation between male and female can not be denied. But still number of incidences are taking place , Keep writing.

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