I am a Poet

I am a Poetess
(Everything about a poet/poetess is poetry only)
When I was a newborn
I wrote poems with my four limbs
Throwing them up in the air
Only God knew what I wrote
When I was a little bigger
I wrote poems with my lips
In an unknown lingua franca
Only my mother knew what I wrote
When I was a school girl
I wrote poems on the river water
Which flowed westward
Maybe Arabian sea had them all
When I was a teenager
I wrote poems on the western sky
With my dreamy eyes
On the golden canvas where the clouds rested in many a shape
When I got married
I wrote poems with the broom
On my new home’s floor
They were very dark
When I was pregnant
I wrote lullabies with my breath
Hearing them my baby kicked
And I knew it liked them all
When my child started walking
All my poems I wrote till then
Came back once again
Through those little feet, with their new steps
Now, when the kids are up and on their own
Poems come to me, I pick pen and paper,
Write them; the alphabet is known to the world
Many reads, likes, dislikes …
All poems written in my life till now are there
Lingering in my breaths, sighs and inside the dreams
They are so sweet with all spices mixed in the right proportion
I am a poet, still writing, may be will be writing through my death

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