Humans, Awake!

Humans, open your eyes, open your palms

Raise your hands high up in the air

And open your mouths to sing

To sing, of the simple joys of living

To sing, of the mystery that surrounds you

To sing, of the glory of life

Even if it remains two sided!


Humans, open your hearts, throw away your shields

And melt the icebergs inside of which you hid

Pray, life, is beckoning to you

To love it as if it were a droplet of dew

On the freshly bloomed petal of a rose

To love it, as it is,

Without asking anything from it in return

Regardless of whether it remains there, on the rose

For you to admire

Or whether it falls to the ground

Dissipating itself in the expanse of the absorbing soils!


Humans, learn to shed off your blues

And to sway, entranced,

To soulful music only you can hear!

For humans

Life has not yet been given a solid explanation

Life has not yet answered our calls

As to why it does be and as to what lies after


So humans

Do open every single pore of your being

And accept it, as it is

Accept the love it showers upon you

Taking it all as your rightful due

Pray, in the end, nothing shall matter

Except the faith you had in the love

That life holds for you!


Humans, do open your hearts,

Not solely for yourself but for your peers

They need it as much as you do

Someday, you shall come to see Truth

And shall then realize

That you were not that which you thought you were

Yes, you shall come to see

That you have been merely playing a role in a movie

A movie which had been set up specially for you

Based on your unique calling!


So humans, shake off the gloom

And do enjoy your passage

Do enjoy the blows

The bombs that, at times, explode in your face

As well as the gentle caresses of it

That make you feel so comforted!

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