Sakha when almost everyone burns everyone else alive
And soaks in the smoke
How do I blame you for the violence called life?

When last night you didn’t find the spark
How do I blame you
For digging deeper and deeper for the light?
Instead you found blood
That doesn’t burn
And how do I blame you for wanting to get away
And making that U turn?

In the red flood
Many dreams disappeared
Many woes did too
In the end everything works out
I hope it does for you

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About Gauri Dixit

A software professional from Pune, India, Gauri is an avid reader and writes English poetry. Her poems have been published in multiple anthologies including 'Cloudburst - the womanly deluge' and 'athe Virtual Reality'. Her poems were featured in the Poet's Corner for the E-zine 'Mind Creative' published from Syndey Australia and Learning and Creativity e magazine.

13 thoughts on “How

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem about coming to terms with violence done to feelings , which begins with a spark but ends in acceptance

  2. tapeshwar

    O Sakhha, how can I pine you passionately burning on this life. You, that is always there into my blood, doing away all my woes!

    1. Gauri Dixit Post author

      Sakha is the male friend, philosopher and guide.

      It is said that Krishna and Draupadi shared an iconic relationship. Krishna called Draupadi Sakhi (a she-friend) and she called him Sakha (a friend who happens to be a male). Basically, the ‘sakhya’ or friendship/relationship the duo shared was of deep understanding of each other’s commitments, joys, travails in life

  3. Madhumathy

    The poem weaves a philosophical layer where it acknowledges the presence of violence and a justification for it as in Geetha where Arjun is ready to take a U turn from violence and blood shed . Clever use of contemporary images lend the poem a charm of its own.


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