How Great Thou Art.

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
To jewel the velvet night.
Candles lighting Heavens Truth,
Hope to set man right.

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
Setting boundaries for the sea.
Faithful, daily, salted tides.
The world to cleanse in Thee.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Exquisite Canvas given.
A golden sun, blood red at night,
That earth may be forgiven.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Creator. Majesty.
Holy Author of ‘The Book of Life’,
and, ‘Book of Love’ for me.

How Great Thou Art.

1 thought on “How Great Thou Art.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It bears all the hallmarks of a wonderful classic style.Clearly evident as in all works of a similar calibre is the relationship inherent between words on the page and the readers’ lung capacity to utter them aloud in song ,there’s surely a tune to go with this?Unfortunately quite a lot of our ,shall we say, contemporary composers-manque have not a solitary shred of technical understanding of this most basic premise which you clearly demonstrate so effortlessly.

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