How Do I Say Goodbye?

I sit here with eyes so full of tears, my dream of you left me with a short scream.

Why don’t you talk to me anymore, now there is only silence left?

I sit here with eyes so full of love, I’ll never feel our dream of a lifetime.

Why don’t I hear you any longer, why send only silence to me?

I sit here with eyes so full of sorrow, my dream about you broke in a short scream.

Why was your voice suddenly so silent, why can’t I get out of the silence?

I sit here with eyes so bright, so full of a reflection in my tear of your floral white bed.

Why do you hear me no more, when I sit here so close to you in the silence in running tears?
I sit here with eyes so full of doubts, my dream of what would be us, died in a short scream.

Why can’t I talk to you again, why is there only silence left in you?

I sit here with eyes so full of loss, my dream of love torn from me and raging within me.

Why do no longer I know how to live, why can’t I hear you break the silence?
I sit here with eyes so full of longing, my dream of a life with you left me with a short scream.

Why did you let your voice be still, why do I hear only silence of loneliness?

I sit here with eyes so full of heat,I now must let you go where I will never reach you.

Why do you not hear anymore, why do you not let me through to you?
I stand with eyes full of pain,I must now say goodbye while you’re lowered into the dark silence and short scream.

Why can no one hear the two of us anymore and why can no man break the silence from you?

I stand with eyes so full of love, the love I should have given you.I know I hear only silence, why should I not tell you a last goodbye?
I sit here with eyes so full of tears and give you my last goodbye it feels just like a short scream.

Why is the silence so loud for me and not you?

I sit here with eyes so full of what’s left of us, when I looked down into the dark and silence for you

Why do I hear only silence from my tears, why don’t you hear them, after all the drop and drips are on your grave?

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About jachso

Hey Destiny Poets. I live in Denmark about 90 km from Copenhagen and works in Roskilde as a teacher and mentor. I'm probably not like most men of my age and yes I am aged 50 years old. I've tried a lot of jobs without finding what I'm passionate about. Writing, I have always loved and I was probably just 14 years old when I produced my first poem. I have not yet been released some of my poems, but I hope it happens one day. I just finished a novel which I would like to have published, now the time and talent show whether I have the ability to write. Poetry has a special meaning for me and this is where I really feel at home. My life has sometimes been marked by many losses. In the mid eighties, I lost my fiance at the time when the accident happened was pregnant. She lost control of the car and drove herself and her child, who was on his way thereby, to death. It has really made its mark on my life and way of thinking. In the late nineties, I had problems with my back and had to seek other avenues to support myself. I finally decided to enroll at university and was admitted to the humanist line. I read philosophy, science, psychology, journalism and history, but philosophy and psychology is my major interest. I thrive today in the RUC aka Roskilde University just 25 km from Copenhagen. My job is to guide and teach, and it is a job with speed and that gives me a lot again. I have two collections of poems ready to be released, if I can find a publisher who will publish them. I have no children, it would obviously be my lot in life although I have tried, but luck never smiled at me that way. If you have any questions for me so I hope you just ask away all you want, I'll respond as soon as I have read the questions. With kindest regards from Jan Sorensen

3 thoughts on “How Do I Say Goodbye?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An extra-ordinarily powerful work of great personal emotional intensity. And thanks to Jan for providing us the singular privilege of sharing it with us….(editorial footnote) Exercising editorial oversight,I made a modicum of minor adjustments both to elements of grammar and syntax in order to facilitate readability and understanding.

  2. jachso Post author

    Thanks Louis
    And thank you for your editorial work on my poem. I know from experience that something always will be lost in translation. I’m glad for all the help I can get in being better at my English. 🙂

    1. Louis Kasatkin

      Thank you for your kind and understanding response!
      As a bilingual speaker with Austrian German as my mother tongue
      I find it both refreshing and exhilarating to be called on to
      do what are idiomatic rather than literal translations.”idiomatic”translation
      means getting the sense of the original by altering the word structure.
      The bonus for me,is that it’s a pleasure all on its own to
      work with so many tremendously gifted and dynamic poets all at once!!

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