Lost in the labyrinth of life

Heart is fearful with strife

Struggling to get out of the maze

Everything around is a green haze

Prayers gives a glitter of hope

Being stuck indefinitely is hard to cope

Life becomes miserable when uncertain

Difficult to deal and lots of pain

A minute ray of sunshine

Peeping through in a straight line

Looking up towards the light 

Heart filled with joy at the sight

Sincere gratitude, a little kindness

Sure is enough to quell darkness

Reflect, realize, do not become a sinner

Solve the trivial issues, emerge as a winner

Copyright @ Princess Lubna

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About PrincessLubna

Bio of Princess Lubna Lubna Ahmed is a Certified Master NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. NLP Workshop Facilitator and Soft Skills trainer. Certified Advanced Life Coach. Conducts SuperKoolKids Art Therapy workshops. Lubna reside in Delhi with her family. She has been brought up in an academic & bureaucratic environment. Her late father Late Dr. Mahfooz Ahmed, was a world renowned economist and educationist. Her schooling was done in Delhi and International schools abroad where her father was posted on UNO assignments. Lubna has managed to carve a niche’ for herself in the literary world by her ever so simple 'Love poems'. ‘Princess Lubna’ is her pen name, her writers’ identity. Her love poems are spiritual & has Mystical Aura. Lubna has written many poems for National and International Anthologies. Lubna graduated with first class marks in Science, Zoology Honors from AMU Aligarh Muslim University. She holds diploma in Travel & Tourism and Export Management. Lubna is an avid traveler. She has traveled to more than 35 countries in USA, Europe and Asia.

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    I want to thank all..for liking and commenting on my poem. I am sorry for the delay in replying as I had some glitch in connecting from my iphone. So replying from my laptop! 🙂


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