Honour the void

We tend to glorify
the action oriented life
not realising that
magic actually begins
to take form
in the so-called void
know that
You’re in that
in-between phase
where the old chapter
hasn’t quite completed itself
yet the new is starting
to show signs of life
find the courage
to cross
the emotional threshold
within yourself
try to get comfortable
with being in yin mode 
embrace the opportunity
to dream a new world 
know that you’re here
to play your part
to experience joy
and creativity
in its purest form
release the need to achieve
a specific outcome 
become one with
the rhythm of the cosmos
honour the void that lies
between two cycles.

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About Sangeeta Gupta

Poet, abstract artist, documentary film maker. Has 20 published books, 9 collections of poems translated in Greek, German, bangla, urdu, dogri. Writes both in English and Hindi. Has scripted and directed 7 documentary films. Has held 35solo exhibitions of paintings in India and abroad. Based in Delhi, India.

4 thoughts on “Honour the void

  1. amitapaul

    A good summing up in poetic form of an important lesson of life and psychological truth that many of us often forget : the need for and importance of emptiness , blankness , darkness , rest , solitude , inaction , undiluted leisure in life .

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    become one with
    the rhythm of the cosmos
    honour the void that lies
    between two cycles…
    This great message from the Gita is only for great, noble thinking minds/ souls …We puny human beings are so much engaged in our material hankerings/ greed and envy that few can be lucky enough to reach that level of thinking! Great ink dear poet Sangeeta Gupta!


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