Honey, I am addicted to you

When we don’t talk at all
I feel something missing in my life
Honey, tell me..do you also feel the same
Do you ever think of me
I can’t think of a world without you
I am addicted to you

I just want to rest my head on your shoulders
While you read out all your poems
Honey, I silently kiss the mole on your arm
And leave a pearly tear there
I can’t go away from you
I am addicted to you

As we slept together gazing the stars
You smiled at me and pinched my lips
stretched your hand to the sky
to pluck those stars
To deck my hair
Your darling wife
Honey, I can’t forget all these
I am addicted to you

Those stories galore
You whispered in my ears
Still ringing loud
Our grandchildren to be
Look at me
Wipe my tears
Honey, your kids mocking at me
I am addicted to you


4 thoughts on “Honey, I am addicted to you

  1. Lopa Banerjee

    This is so ravishingly romantic, marked with the innocence and wistfulness of a child and the insight and understanding of a true woman of substance.

    God bless,


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