Is that why human beings build houses
Or rent them ?
Is it really to place boundaries
Around their pains and sorrows
To hide them
From mockery
From other creatures
Who may mock only to hide their own agony that way ?
And to place a cap on the misery –
To stop the rain from augmenting their tears
The sun from inflaming their aching even more ?
Is that why there are shutters and curtains on doors and windows ?
Do we like crabs build shells to protect our soft pink and grey vulnerabilities
And then get trapped in the hard calcinated coverings
And die of their suffocating limitation ?
Or do we not want our sorrows to escape
And leave us
Like empty nothings
Like the colourless vacuums that we really are ?
What do human beings keep avoiding
To gain what else ?
They say Life
Is only a temporary shelter
A world of asbestos barracks
And that Paradise
Is a roofless garden
But still
A walled one
A Para Daiza

Where is my Pari Darwaza ?
Where then should my dreams live ?
And where shall I keep these hopes of mine ?
Or like Love
Are these too only other disguises
Only of pain
Only of sorrow ?

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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    1. amitapaul Post author

      I am pleased to see you can observe the interconnectedness of the various questions and observations in this passionate yet philosophical poem


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