Home coming

One thousand birdies chirping in harmonyI

It is dusk hour at the garden of my evenings,

They are home- every one of them

And the chirping symphony goes on and on.
What do they say on reaching home?

Why do they talk non-stop on reaching home?

How unlike their human counterparts -Uttering a word or two without raising their glance,

From their glossy idiot’s box before them !

After a long and hard day

 What do these little creatures talk?

Is it all about their day long toil Of flying high and wide for their food?
Do the little ones rush inside ?

Hug their mom and say “mamma I am home”.

Is the father bird happy to be home after a long day?

Is the mother bird happily chirping now that she can relax and kiss her dear ones?

Is all that sound just their conversation ?

Or is it the joyful humming of one thousand birds ?

celebrating home coming?

Isn’t that what home is all about?-

Where you can come and nestle up and sleep ,

And feel blessed that at last you are home!

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About Vijinarayan

I am a freelance writer based at Coimbatore in India.An avid reader and an occasional blogger, I write for popular newspapers in India and for many online Platforms. A cancer survivor trying to live every single day of my life meaningfully.

4 thoughts on “Home coming

  1. Amita Paul

    A fanciful and sentimental anthropomorphization of birds by the poet that seeks to draw detailed parallels between the daily homecoming of human parents and their children with the evening return of birds to their nests. The poet portrays all homecoming as a celebration.


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