Hold a grudge or forgive?


hold on

get angry spread negative venom through gossip that’s building up inside,

This spills out as you complain toxic words which poison the listener.

Bitterness and rage swiftly grasps your mind. Slanting and changing your perspective.

Rage, anger boil, bubble as you relive the inequities.

Madness burns deep within.

only person who feels this is you not the person who’s hurt you…


but you don’t have to forget,

release the debtor of the debt,

free you become free

the chains of anger,rage,madness can’t tie you down

Negativity can’t capture your mind

peace fills your heart,

Your mind is clear.

Joy wraps itself around you.

The choice is yours, hold on to grudge or forgive, you decide….









7 thoughts on “Hold a grudge or forgive?

    1. Julia Schofield Post author

      Thanks Louie. This will hopefully be my first of many poems that I write.
      I have enjoyed reading other poems on the Destiny Poets site.


    Yes, words are like swords butcher sharp. One must be very careful with words. Those expressing grudge certainly evokes unhealthy atmosphere for a pleasant life. Well crafted lines!

  2. Sarala Ramkamal

    Well said. Hold on to grudge you are hugging an ember.. it burns none other but you … a good message … let go … breathe fresh air … love and God Bless

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