When the truth is found to be lies ,
the trust you had within you dies ;

What future testimony then convinces ?
having put your trust in the words of princes ?

Their words nailed the body of truth to the tree of lies ,
Pharisees’ loud voices were lauded,those of the meekest despised ;

The Pharisees’ code of silence and fears ,
beat down the truth over the years ;

Until men could bear it no more ,
welcoming the breaking down of their prison’s door ;

Then bright shining as the sun ,
truth at last revealed to everyone ;

are there any righteous in the world ?
no , not one.

( Footnote : from The Guardian of 12 September 2012)

Hillsborough disaster report published – Wednesday 12 September

• Report casts doubt over original inquest ruling, revealing that 41 of the 96 victims ‘had the potential to survive’
• South Yorkshire police and emergency services made ‘strenuous attempts’ to deflect blame for the crush onto victims
• 116 of 164 police statements were ‘amended to remove or alter comments unfavourable to South Yorkshire police’
• Police carried out blood alcohol readings on victims, including children, in order to ‘impugn their reputations’
• PM David Cameron says he is ‘profoundly sorry’ for the ‘double injustice’ of the Hillsborough disaster.
• Kelvin MacKenzie, the Sun editor who wrote the infamous headline ‘The Truth’ on the front page story blaming fans, offers ‘profuse apologies’

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    As usual, your writing is top-notch, you are knowledgable about your topic, and your rhymes and rhythms are impeccable… At the risk of seeming ignorant, the title is Hillsborough. Please, could you tell me why you chose this word and what it stands for? Thank you.

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