Harboring mists

Hear my plea, please!
Seeing your curves I lost my sense of direction…
Here is a tip, I am willing to give
Rock your vessel my way
your trace luscious, seductive, inviting
scratches my steel surfaces
winds are advancing their rumor just
to caress your body in a soaring breath
Tease me with your eyelashes
blackened wings in motion
Treat me with your claws
deep piercing my soul
such a cliche image.!!!!
but a cascade raving I am
Profit, please!
my waters must caress your skin tonight!

2 thoughts on “Harboring mists

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    If poetry was a science lab experiment,then Iulia’s poem has manifestly succeeded in raising the calm waters of poetic narrative normal temperature to way beyond 100° and allegorical boiling point.

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