Once there was a little girl,
who loved to sit in trees.
Without a care,
sun streaked hair,
just dancing in the breeze.
Chasing butterflies all day,
gathering the flowers.
Talking to the birds and bees,
for many precious hours.

Then she grew,
life rearranged,
the order of her day.
Time took hold,
Love grew cold,
and some dreams blew away.
It got so dark, some years ago,
the flowers ceased to bloom.
A never ending tunnel,
Of Grief, Despair, and Gloom.

The smallest sunbeam danced inside,
and Light began to shine.
Not all at once,
but Day by Day.
Drops of Healing Wine.

Now there is a Child of God,
Who loves to watch the trees.
Feel the sunshine warm her skin,
Standing in the breeze.
Watch the animals at play.
Smell Heaven in the flowers.
Hear His Music in the birds,
Reclaim each stolen hour.

Consider every day,
another Stepping stone to Him.
The One who never left her side,
When Hope was growing thin.
Fingerprints of Heaven,
In all her eyes behold.
Wonder upon wonder still,
Never growing old.

Perhaps a wrinkle here and there.
Perhaps a scar or two,
but none the less,
Her heart is blessed,
because The Light,
came through.

John 8:12,
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world: he that followed me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.’

4 thoughts on “Gypsy

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Taken en-bloc with “Barefoot” and “Let me dream”,”Gypsy” represents quite a poetic tour-de-force.It is oft remarked that nothing worthwhile can be achieved without pain and sacrifice;and the “audience”/”readership” can take even the highest,consistent quality of output for granted at times.Poems such as “Gypsy”and those presented alongside it cannot be taken for granted.

    1. HowardFrost

      Just read “Gypsy” again, and hope after a tutorial yesterday that I’m finally getting the hang of making comment.
      I like the piece a lot. I’m not qualified to comment on the Theology of it, but, as Poetry, it flows from start to finish at exactly the right pace


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