Guru Gobind

That human agony which is spiritual ecstasy
That burns luminescent in your divine breast
That love which asks for nothing but the best
That passion which will never accept rest

That unquenchable light in your eyes
Which some have called two narcissus flowers
The fragrance that drifts from their beauty
Three centuries down reminding one of duty

The saint who is a soldier , teacher – father
The warrior who is a poet , penniless king
The emperor of the world , owner of nothing
From him go , Heart , all inspiration bring

Your love that I cannot describe and yet I must
That keeps me filled with tears I cannot shed
Your being that within me you have bred
I try to express – can’t express a shred

Your Blue Horse , your red – thread – eyed Falcon
The Aigrette on your Saffron turban, torn robe
Your feet riddled with thorns , your heart with wounds
Your stone pillow , your prayer – poem – song

Beloved Friend , hear the plight of your disciples
Without you , home is a nest of snakes
My warm bed a diseased bundle, cursed is comfortable life
My chalice is a twisted butcher’s knife

Your desert is my oasis , for it’s sake
I would throw Rosegardens into a furnace
Beloved , I long for your glance of grace
Beloved , I yearn to see your radiant face

And this is what you say to me
This for your sake I need to be
What you have done I too must do
To become just a bit like you

Only when you have sacrificed every worldly joy
Can you write the Epistle of Spiritual Victory
Only when you have tasted bitterest agony
Will you be crowned with divine ecstasy

( ASA )

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