They did to me what I deserved today

Found me guilty, said there was a price to pay.

Ridiculed a crown of thorns upon my head

Flogged me till my flesh hung loose, stained in red.

Nailed me to a cross, yet I felt no pain.

Reaching in the smell of death as my life waned

Silent agony tearing at my heart

Ligaments and sinews screaming torn apart.

Gasping breathless, fear and doubt arising

Dazed confusion numbing and disguising

Volcanic eruptions of in felt emotions

Clashing with the ultimate in chaotic motion

Diving the depths of cataclysmic deprivation

My sin causing the Fathers sentence of separation

As death came a voice, not mine, cried free

My God my God why have you forsaken me?

Yet still no pain. Plunging the abyss of hell

Panic as the cage of isolation fell

Stench and noise burning gnashing teeth

Godless torment from beneath.

Then life shot back into my broken veins

I grabbed and took control of living reigns

I knew I was again a vibrant being

Hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, seeing.

Now I know that resurrection joy and peace

That I will live till after time has ceased

As I rejoined the fallen human race

I knew that Jesus was there in my place.

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