Love’s lost, throat’s parched, tears dried
Innocents mutilated for what?
For a piece of land?
To gain some pennies?
Remember those days of harmony
Few demands and little was plenty
When love held more value than metal
Those days were golden
Simple living and high thinking
The iron rusted on our tongues so easily
Today despite luxuries we cry
Greed’s the root cause of agony
Has the goldsmith turned to blacksmith?

©®Sunila ..09/04/2017.




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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

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