How I think
All my emotions will change
Tears won’t will be dropping down
In void scattering abound
Pounding on gravityless world
The lighter wings will be
Not less heavier than
The meteorites surging the path
Will be floating the age, live!
More than the Earth’s life

No east for the rise, or
Sun’s west for the dusk
No Everest topping the north,or
Kanyakumari waving in the south

How I think
All my time will reverse
Childhood will wink mirroring me
In fraction, time will pound
Instances in eon’s keep
No iron will submit the RBC, red!
Or, oxides for forming the rust
Free-float will nail the gravity
Ubiquitous in content, torching
The eqality in Universe at large

There the world palpitates, and
My heart hum thy non-gravity
No thought befalls any pain
All emotions die down in thy take

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