For the simplest of things;

A little of that and this.

For the minute ones called small,

Named so by those the world calls poor.

Look well at the hand that never holds back;

For it belongs to the man that never shall know lack.


For the big favours,

And the little hands that make it happen.

For the giant strides taken,

Helped by the weary shoves of those who labour.

Here I stand, I have no regrets;

I am a product of love’s toil and sweat.


For those who left us where we were,

And to those who helped us get where we are.

For those who sap us daily of the will to live,

And for those who help us along with loving rebukes.

History has seats reserved for all to occupy;

But while some will rejoice; others will have to cry.


For those who inspire us and keep us moving,

For those we inspire daily and give reasons for living.

For those who help us push the limits of reason and go beyond the ordinary,

And for those who are hot on our heels like the hunter after his quarry;

You are the reason we are where we are;

It is to you that we owe all we have.


You are all remembered,

You have all tried.

I can appreciate you in English and say “Thanks”

Or go the Spanish way and say “Gracias”.

You are the reason why night has to disappear when it sees the day;

You all are the reason I’m still standing today.


James Ogunjimi

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