A tatterdemalion of girls
Walk through the ramp lane
Teasing their teats
Calling it a fashion week.

Unfathomable women
Hide behind the veil of vanity.

Wrathful men show their zealot
In becoming axiom emasculates.

A flamboyant mendacity
Makes a merry- Andrew
Out of a mendicant
Repressing customary rituals.

And look!
There it goes
Tradition in hearse
Replacing with anti-orthodox
bejeweled in bikinis.

1 thought on “Goodbye,Tradition

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    As a casual reader,I would conclude that the poem is a wry and pointed commentary about present day social mores.It also has some acute observations on the changes and challenges they present to traditional societal values. I’m intrigued by,what for me,and perhaps an Anglo-Saxon audience(if I may generalise it in that way) the terms,”a merry-Andrew” and “tatterdemalion” mean.


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