God’s Blessed Gift of Intellect: Thank-You

Sun’s rays of warmth arouses crevices of my soul,

with hearts’ emotions senses.

Minds intellect believed by man, blessed gift

Through the love and faith of God

Our Father Eternal, Emmanuel.


Father Eternal, Heavenly Supreme

Blesses His children’s souls of worth;

Purest of love, peaceful serene

Lightest of feathered-weighted bliss.


Breathed through life, the gift of love

Truest of kindness of gifted worth.

Now outstretched forth loving, careful intellect

To ease a soul, derived with pain, to move

And smile, again.


To ease God’s children’s tortured minds

To bless, and soothe their burdened state,

Has this been blessed through one’s own faith

Through God’s blessed Gift of Intellect.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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