Goddess Kali

Fury incarnate
out to get the world
for justice
woman elemental
raging passions ruling
naked and bare
stripped of make-believe adornments
she strikes and kills
severed heads her garland
gracing her motherly nurturing breasts
amputated limbs for a skirt
she dances in a magnificent feminine fury
destroyer of evil
racing across the universe
to usher in the good…
The world stunned
the cosmos stupefied
life ceases for moments countless
until Her love conquers her rage
She stops
gives in to Her god
Maheswar the divine destroyer
afraid of total destruction
lies prostrate and surrenders
the world breathes again

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About Madhumita Ghosh

Studied at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. M.A. M.Phil Ph.D in English. Associate Professor in a degree college affiliated to Calcutta university. Love reading, writing poems and short stories. Translation is another passion Have translated English Romantic poetry to Bengali and Tagore poems to English.

4 thoughts on “Goddess Kali

  1. Madhumita Ghosh

    Thank you very much Louis Kasatkin for your appreciation. It would be wonderful really…and I’d love to see the poem being performed. Hope to be there one day with you at Destiny Church Wakefield!

  2. lopu123

    A beautifully written, surreal poem depicting the beauty and elemental power of Goddess Kali. A poem that speaks to all women and also to humanity.


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