God Breathed In

God stood still and took a breath

And saw what He hath made

He saw cascading rivers

Crescending River falls!


But hushed were they

When God’s own hand

He raised, to calm them all

Be still!


God stopped to take in Chorus sweet,

He listened to the stillness sound.

Hushed, Obedient, Love, Respect

When raised, His majestic hand!


The trees of leaves, obey His will,

The Sands of Time, were showed

When all around, the news spread fast –

Each head, in reverence, bowed!


God gave His Only Begotten son

His love for us, His children all

Compared to all, found none

He gave of His divinity!


He breathed in silent love,

God breathed, love outwardly

Gave His heart, in knowledge

That Christ received!


For now as God breathes in

And stops, a second take,

To help us all, the witness of

His Love, His Power, His Grace!


Christ gave to all, Free Agency

To choose the straightened path,

And as we do,

God breathes His breath

In Open Arms, we go!


© sew 2012


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