Give Yourself To True Love

Love a pure dawn awaking all feelings,
Love God’s divine waves changing our reality,
Love a wind of kindness,
Love a caress of tenderness,

Love so soft though unbreakable,
Love so fragile & so powerful,
Love is the most humble though the most glorious,
Love can be sometimes sad though it’s the most joyful,

Let Love take over your soul,
Let Love draw your destiny,
Let the divine waves of Love fly you to its universe of wonders,
Let the wind of Love purge with a blast of joy your heart,

Give yourself to Love,
Give yourself to its purity,
Give yourself to its divinity,

Don’t ever hesitate,
Don’t ever fight its true beauty,
Don’t ever stand against its flow,
Answer the call of True Love,
The essence of your soul is made of it definitely.

This is what my Love has taught me
Rima N. Jaber

10 thoughts on “Give Yourself To True Love

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This opening barrage of three contemporaneous posts, ( “Give yourself to true love”; “Eldorado,Land of Dreams”; “It’s Time” .) all bear equally the indelible hallmarks of emotional depth and maturity.They share a degree of poetic acumen and artistic precision that makes each one of the three a singular delight……….Thank you Rima for making such an impressive first postiing & sharing with our international on-line community of poets and poetry aficionadoes!

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in ,PICK OF THE POEMS;QUARTERLY 2012 RETROSPECTIVE: PART 2
    The second quarterly , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” PART 2 : Poems posted @ during April 1st – June 30th. The editorial choice is again tabulated in alphabetical order. …”Blue eyed Boy’s Mother”. by Sana Rose….”Day dreams”.by Annie Marie…”Forefathers” by Sarita Jenamani…”Give flowers”.by Leander David…”Give yourself to true love
    “.by Rima Jaber…”I am waiting”.by Nalini Priyadarshni…”If I could turn back time”.by Sharon Elizabeth Walker…”Japanese Stamp”.by Iulia Gherghei…”long tunnel of silence”.by Gopal Lahiri….”Metal Shavings”.by Martin Nicholson…”Mill Man’s Magic”.by Amol Redij…”Nature’s Child”.by Suzanne Parlee…

  3. Ben Sichkaryk

    Rima my dear this speaks to most everyone. So many people throughout the world have not found the love that is inside of themselves and therefore seek it from someone else. Poems like this can and will heal the world, thank you dear lady. Many blessings of love to you. <3

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