Give the God a bone




Give the God a BONE

Recently I died…
it was only for a short while
the circumstances
involved a speeding car,
wet leafs and a sudden stop
they told me later
it lasted for about 10 minutes.

But in all that time…
I did not see one bright light
or a voice beckoning me
to another life.

What I did see…
was a dog
Lucky was his name
(he sort of mentioned that)
and this revelation
has made me change all
my funeral arrangements.

I intended to be cremated
but now I want to be buried
inside a coffin
with a big juicy bone.

( The photo is the nearest I could find to represent Lucky…it seems they do not allow cell phones or cameras there…….some people are really going to suffer)

© (Löst Viking) ( November 2015) John Anthony Fingletonöst-Viking/746104845419195

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