Give Me A Place In The Backyard Of Your Heart

Hey beautiful;
My new flame that illuminate my dark soul
The beam that once brought hope in my living
The one whose voice woke me up at every dawn
Give me a place in the backyard of your heart
Before I fade into the darkness that awaits
Give my life a beautiful ending
That the purloiner is warming to snatch
Give me a place in the backyard of your heart

When I was young, I had plenty of options
I had choices to choose my heart’s desire
My life as a whole was my pigeon; my play tool
But now, age has caught up with me
Time has started to pull alien tricks
And for life feels like a grain of wool blown away
Like Sisyphus; is the life I lead
As all the things I hoped to stay on
Have been blown away leaving me in a black out
Like the Vikings; I howl at my own shade

Battering torrents of shame
Have swab my pride and fame
The once bloated and inflated ego; is deflated
On me; things have tumbled
And all the things I trusted in have emaciated
O’ good soul; my good soul
Give me a place to rest my troubled soul
Give me a place in the backyard of your heart

Be the poetess whose scribbled words;
Will inspire my dead soul
And uplift my spirit from the abyss I am in
Give me a place in the backyard of your heart
Save my inner man from wasting all these tears
On the could’ve beens of my life
Speak to me, and let me hear your sweet words again
Let me have a taste of your lips
Warm my worn out heart from the stinging colds
Give me a place in the backyard of your heart
Allow me to ogle at your fine shape once more
With a place in the backyard
Of your heart

Give me a place
Be it an inch, a foot or a pace
Provided it’s in your backyard
I’ll care less
Give me a place in your heart and soul
Save my soul the crimson flames of Sheol

Give me a portion in the backyard of your heart
I would’ve asked for a place in the courtyard of your heart
But I’ve wronged and fallen short of that glory

Forget my wrongs
And hand me a space in the backyard of your heart.

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About Mangeni W.Obwoya

Mang’eni Wycliffe Obwoya is a freelance writer, poet and Author of short stories. He was born on the 16th of January ’91 on the shores of Lake Victoria in the South-Eastern part of Uganda (currently Namaingo District) His poems have found a place in several international anthologies and journals like The Significant Anthology, Cupid: An Anthology on love, The umbilical cord : An anthology on Parents ... Obwoya, is currently working on a his poetry collection 'The songs of a swain', and a memoir 'The interesting narratives of a village boy'and many other online publications. He is concurrently working on his collection of poems The songs of a Swain and a memoir The interesting narratives of a Village boy, At the bale fire (A collection Samias and Bagwe folklore). He prefers writing in his mother tongue (Lusamia-Lugwe) reasoning that ‘He has neither seen a cow bleat nor heard goats mooing’ He is a graduate of Busoga University with a bachelor’s degree in Business management with a bias in Marketing When he’s not making people fall in love with his writings, he is most likely busy massaging his computer, coding and developing web sites for his ever growing clientele.

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A pleasant and engaging lyrical divertissement which might benefit from some judicious editing from the author. At 50 lines and 7 stanzas of inconsistent length one has to be mindful of a) the reader’s attention span and b) maintaining the reader’s interest. The adage that states that ” Less is more ” is worth bearing in mind.

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