Girl on the Train

Train halted with a jerk
was racing for fun,
not many on board
rattled in to the station….
She hopped in…
Her growing feet
sticking out
of dusty sandals,
though worn out
Her uniform speck and clean
water bottle sticking out
backpack dangling
with books
sparse and few,
and a small tiffin
for the girl growing tall,
with sparkling eyes
and sprint in her gait
wide smile stretching
across her thin long face,
winter morning chill….
black, red and white
wool in her coat
knitted tight,
hair in a pony
held neat
in a red velvet band,
our second meeting this was….
a week before
and today
in the same coach
she and me,
beaming happiness
her eyes and face
lit n’ brilliant,
as she spoke of dance
contest in her school,
lingering pride
one week old,
a million things
her gestures told,
unexpected encounter
the cohesion mutual,
we got off ….
destination same,
finding hard to walk away,
she almost stumbled
looking back at me,
I held her quick
and walked with her,
swing in her ponytail
confident gait,
to the fork on the bridge
where she turned right,
left me with a glance
eyes twinkling bright….
© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

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About Dr Swati A Gadgil

Anaesthesiologist , practising since last 30 yrs in Mumbai and medico legal advisor. Counsellor for Children at Puberty , Parenting , Stress Management , Motivation and Peace MBBS DA LLM Postgraduate in Human Rights Postgraduate in Hospital management Founder President of NGO, Dombivli Women's Welfare Society and it's youth wing NayaSavera Published three books of poetry Columnist and writes on various topics like Stress Management Appointed by Times of India as Consultant for their NIE Newspaper In Education Program Recognised by Medical associations and Rotary Speaker and panelists on Tele media, print media and National and International conferences Taekwondo Red Belt

10 thoughts on “Girl on the Train

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    My expectations as a a reader were more than a little heightened by the title ( from Paula Hawkins’ international best selling crime novel). The author with inimitable poetic acumen did not disappoint with a thoroughly engaging and vibrant piece.

    1. Dr. Swati A Gadgil

      Thank you so much dear Louis. Your response means a lot to me. I always wait to read your comment. Thank you once again.

    1. Parneet Jaggi

      The narrative flows like a piece of fiction, no doubt, blending the mundane and the extraordinary in one go.


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