Girl Child and Moonlight

Dear Dad,
I want to meet you,
Sing, play and dance with you,
But you return from work,
Late at night,
When I am asleep,
And leave early in the morning,
Again, I am asleep,
The darkened, narrow roads,
With no lights at all,
Cause you a lot of inconvenience,
But don’t you worry,
I will request the moon,
To light up your lonely path,
Way back to our rustic home,
Make visible the occasional reptile,
So you can return home,
Safe and Sound,
And then we will play together,
On Sunday morning,
Thanks to the Moon,

6 thoughts on “Girl Child and Moonlight

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Reveals the tenderness of the heart of a girl-child for father and should serve as a lesson in those communities and nations where female foeticide is rising alarmingly. The love of a girl-child is unparalleled; so is her devotion to her family. Long live the girl-child, viewed as a goddess in many Asian cultures, by the ancients, before these cultures became crass and commercialized!
    More power to girls!


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