Is love this sweet ache in my heart?

Then, let it stay of me, a part.


The breeze whispers love to the tree;

it nuzzles only to depart.


Dry promises from lips that lie,

makes my heart weep and my eyes smart.


Night descends like a shy, coy bride;

day retreats with a broken heart!


Why can’t we meet ? the day wonders,

Why does my love daily she thwart?


Forever caressing the shore,

the waves form a nice piece of art.


Lovers have no choice but to love,

once Cupid lets go of his dart.



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About Elizabeth Kuriakose

A hectic career as a banker and looking after family kept me busy for ages. Quit my job to look after family. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, I discovered my love for writing in late 2014. Words in poetry or prose have been my constant companion thence on.

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