Genesis 1:1 ( This work re-booted and re-posted on 12 August 2017 )

No record was kept of
the name that they
gave to that bird,
vivid yellow and green
welcoming a primeval dawn,
captured on flickering footage
the memory of it kept
alive in black & white;
no-one recalls any longer
how many villagers were
removed from the site of
that first copper mine;
no written record was kept
of their ancient wisdom
their cosmology long swept away;
sat neatly in rows
they learn anew
from the gaunt apparition
standing in front
of the blackboard,
and tied.

(Louis Kasatkin has renounced his Right under the Copyright,Designs&patents Act 1988 to be recognised as the author of this work)

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    From reading your Prequel I came hustling and bustling right over to this poem to see what you had to say about the beginning, the mind-blowing creation, the genesis of earth and all its inhabitants great and small. I do not know what you believe in but I know you are a poet capable of raising up memorable images such as that green and yellow bird welcoming in the primeval dawn and that gaunt apparition standing before the blackboard so collared and tied while my imagination soars. Extraordinarily well-written.

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