3 thoughts on “Gauze of my heart

  1. Amita Paul

    The poet’s thoughts like reeds whistling in a restless wilderness stem from a bewilderment with the world he finds himself in . It is interesting to note the use of the word bewilderment , which contains the words “ wild “ and “ wilder “ in conjunction with the word “ wilderness “ in the first stanza of this short poem , which lends a sense of wonder to the sense of confusion which could otherwise have been merely painful . Perhaps it is to assuage the sense of pain mixed with wonder that the poet tucks the hopefully comforting thought of the other into the hollows and gaps of the reeds of his thoughts , where they might muffle his consciousness as well expression of suffering , but that loss itself would constitute deprivation of a sort , and so the poet calls upon the other to make a conscious judgement as to how much of the gauze of comfort would be sufficient without muffling the sufferer to an extent that he begins to feel almost crippled or unduly silenced by it .
    A complex trajectory of thought , captured in a set of vivid and mobile images.

  2. Madhumathy

    The fantastic juxtaposition of the sensory ,auditory and visual lends a unique elusive charm to the poem.


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