Gandharva Vivaham

Sensual night’s shirt unbuttoned
Reveals impish moon
Peeping through the
Flowery cottony white clouds
Playing ‘hide and go seek’
With his beloved star wives
Darting arrows randomly

An arrow hit you
One hit me
We live in two different places
Separated by many oceans and seas
Ironic indeed to witness
The love sport at the same moment

You thought of me
And I of you
We have not met
Or even seen
Yet the pleasure
Of this pining pain

This cool breeze
Kisses the flute
Play melodies

This Fire, Air, Water
Ether, Earth, infinite Sky
The moon and the stars
Stand Witness
To our Eternal Marriage
At the altar of my heart

Yes ! You are my man
And I, your wedded wife

4 thoughts on “Gandharva Vivaham

  1. fathima manal

    Romance of ancient world, under the eyes of nature..dont know whether this is possible in modern day..beautiful writing


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