From The Shadows of Your Oblivion

Dust rests
On the frames
Of memories that are
Mine alone now..
Adorn my dreams
That are of days
When you were around…
Waves lapping
The shoreline
Recede back to the ocean
As if knowing
That it’s just me now…
The sun sets
Without a farewell
As if I don’t matter
Without you…
But then,
They all are right,
For, my existence
Was sketched out
Only by your fingertips;
My lips were
Traced and discovered
Only by your lips;
My soul took form
Only when the light
From your eyes
Shone into me…
Today, left alone
With these fond thoughts
Of mine alone,
I hide in the shadows
Of irreversible oblivion,
Which is, for once,
Not mine, but yours…

4 thoughts on “From The Shadows of Your Oblivion

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Sharp and incisive,the poem starts with, “Dust rests on the frames of memories”, wow ! what an introduction to a narrative that leads the expectant reader to a more than satisfying final punchline.

  2. Sana Rose Post author

    Thank you, Lokesh! The hint of personal touch is fiction, though. 🙂 Fortunately..

    Thank you, Louis… I’m so glad and humbled because I wasn’t sure if it would come out well enough, if I imagined to be an old lady looking back at her love, me being still in my twenties. 🙂

  3. Louis Kasatkin

    It is always elucidating to ascertain the author’s perspective on their own work.Poetry especially ,more so than a song,short story or novel, benefits from such input.Thank you Sana for your addendum; on first reading I had assumed that the narrator’s voice was pretty much in the recent past but the long distant past only goes to enhance the impact of your poem.

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