From my glass cage

If I shatter the glass cage in which I’ve been hiding
And allow myself
To glide over waves,
Over the wind’s flow,
Over the course of my fate,
As freely as would a Goddess,
A Goddess burning with love for you,
Would you open up your heart
And allow me to settle in,
By making of it a comfy and cosy shed,
Surrounded by flowers and creepers,
By orchards and all sorts of tamed wild animals,
A place where whales and sharks would play in the surrounding waters
A place where the higher powers would come to rest,
When worn and torn they would be,
After tackling the evil forces threatening us,
A place where we would fear not
To allow ourselves to give in
To those yearnings which tug at us both?

Pray, the mundane body, when existing in the mundane plane
Is subject to being imperfect
Yet, when it keeps its eyes closed,
While swirling over the mundane turmoil
It becomes so perfect
That even the Gods
Turn green up there, in their eternal freshness!

Why, love, I trust, is accepting the imperfections
Imperfections which deem themselves as being flawless
When they do allow themselves
To shatter the glass cages in which they have exiled themselves
And to allow themselves to soar,
Free, over everything else!

Why, if I do shatter my glass cage
Would you allow me
To tell you the reason why
I chose to do so?



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