They say that there is Freedom,

but everywhere I see,

people bound in World and war,

in the name of Liberty.


In God we Trust,

except in school.

Shh…don’t say that name.

It’s all good without Him,

We can all be Cain.


America, America,

The Red, the White, the Blue,

Honor those who gave their lives,

to win this land for you.


Right the wrongs of Satan’s guise.

Teach the blind to see.

Shine as God’s Great Nation shone,

and The Truth will set you free.


John 8;32, ‘Then you will know the truth,and the truth will set you free

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I am a Teacher/Family Educator, 'would be farmer', potter, Jill of all trades! friend to all........woman of Faith, who loves to write 'spillings' from her heart in the hope of helping another.

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