Four Dozen times explanation

I am annoyed
I hate it when you don’t get it
Even if I explain four dozen times
What am I suppose to do with you?

Why can’t you get it in your small head?
It is not that complicated
Maybe, you don’t want the explanation
You just like it your way

You can’t do it your way
Sorry, it has to be
I’m sorry if you can’t get it
Take it or leave it

I don’t like the complication
If you like to stay
Then accept it
If you don’t like it
I won’t stop you from leaving

3 thoughts on “Four Dozen times explanation

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This seems to me to be a companion piece to go alongside “computation poem”.I very much like the conversational tone,and at least from my perspective has traces of acerbic/situational comedy as if from a Hollywood movie.

  2. Annie Post author

    Yes, it is the companion piece of the “computation poem.” A frustration when someone tries explaining something, the other one rejects it or seems like doesn’t get it or pretended not getting it. Just because they don’t like it.

  3. Ron Gabbott

    Very assertive, certainly didn’t lighten my spirit, wild horses wouldn’t stop me leaving. Lighten up (or were you just kidding) dominance comes from above.

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