Fork Along the Path

A long time ago, I went for
a walk to nowhere in particular.
In some time, I reached a fork.
One sign said ‘Accept’,
the other said ‘Deny’.
Since curious I was to check out,
I took the path of denial.
Then came another fork
with the same options;
and I repeated my choice.

Then came another, and another
And then many more
I took the same choice again,
and then even more.
First it was fun, this denial thing.
But then the path became darker
with every choice I made.
Every fork got darker,
but my choice
stayed the same.

Soon enough, the signs
were not needed.
I chose the darker
route by instinct.
Thereafter, even the
forks disappeared.
The darkness got darker
and became its own mother.
When it reached its nadir,
I became nocturnal.

I then saw many eyes
of my kind. Feeling at home
in the obscurity of night.
We denied ourselves
for so long that we
forgot who we are.
We rambled about
in the dark, tripping,
hurting, trampling,
cursing and loving it.

I wallowed in the filth
until I loved it no more.
I walked again without
direction or sight;
guided only by inner light.
Tripping, hurting, trampling,
blessing and loving it.
Soon I reached a hazy fork
where one path had
a faint ray of light.

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