Jesus Christ


stripped, flogged

beaten, bleeding

blood pouring through torn ripped skin.

Hammered nails pierced his hands and feet to the cedar tree

crown of thorns crushed His head to mock his claim of authority.

Sponge seeping in vinegar pushed into Jesus mouth.

“It is finished”, His final cry..

crucified, Jesus died until the third day then He rose again.

Saving the world from sin, death in hell

Broke power of the devil and brought forth eternal life.

so you can be set free from sin


your debt paid in full

Free from shame and guilt













5 thoughts on “Forgiven

  1. Julia Schofield

    As I wrote about Grudge or forgive I thought I must write about Jesus who died to take away our son so we could be forgiven.
    Thank you for your encouraging comment. Wow I’d be so pleased for this to be read out loud.

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