For Whom the Heart Beats

This is a tale of two hearts;

one beating steadily,

the other running slow.

One in he who can think no more;

the other shrinking away from

death’s outstretched hands’

waiting for a living heart

in a dead man.

This is also a tale of two women;

one who needs to forego the heart

that beats for her:

The other praying for

her man’s heart to keep beating

till another arrives.

One knows he’s

never coming back,

yet his heart pumps on;

can she let it beat in


for another?

She prays for answers.

The other prays for her man’s life

possible only

if another dies

can she pray for

the death of another?

Decisions made

beating heart from

brain dead man harvested

transplanted in living man

with dying heart

Both women pray

and cry

and wonder

for whom does this heart beat?

Elizabeth Kuriakose

30th September 2015

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About Elizabeth Kuriakose

A hectic career as a banker and looking after family kept me busy for ages. Quit my job to look after family. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, I discovered my love for writing in late 2014. Words in poetry or prose have been my constant companion thence on.

3 thoughts on “For Whom the Heart Beats

  1. Maaya Dev

    Quick pick from life’s fleeting emotions and moments and delivering it with such sensitivity !
    The recent all poems of yours are so heartening and lingering Elizabeth..Marvelous craft!


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