Focused on Thee


Thee, I look at every dawn
To get inspired for day ahead
Sour previous night, I’d still not pawn
Lest it recoil and shuffle all plans

As soon as life on earth burgeoned
Realised junk heap would do no good
My hope my solace chained since then
My faith as mountain stands and stood

Abhor memories stinging eyes
Tears arid as deserts forlorn
Swimming in abysmal disguise
Not the only reason I warn

In fact, wait for your precious glimpse
My soul your soft cushion it seeks
For sky can crease or crimp as wills
But my will is focused on thee

©Sunila .. 19/11/2016.

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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

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