Floods engulf numerous lives
What’s left behind is human misery
Nature in its rage,
Showed the ‘tandava’ of lord of grave
Submersed in water all the way out
The eyes too shed water of pain aloud.
Teardrops lost significance in hour of struggle
God have mercy!
Have mercy on poor souls,
O Murugan!
Guide with your vision.
Humans are image of You.
Protect and help them in hour of danger.
Its aftermath exhibits
Loss of life, property and labor.
Layers of debris and rotten smell is left behind,
Pain in eyes and heart full of sorrow.
O savior! lend a helping hand.
O savior! lend a helping hand.

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Rashmi Jain is a D.Phil research scholar in Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Allahabad, India.Her debut collection of poems entitled Kaleidoscopic Visions was published in 2015 by Authorspress. She likes reading, writing and gardening.

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