Flight of the Songbird: (Over Pakistan)

Silent songbird high in the sky ,
what do you see with your roving eye ?
gracefully swooping above and gliding ,
can you see those below who are in hiding ?
searching high and low over mountain and field ,
what does your intelligence finally yield ?
many packed rooms at a local school ,
who did they think that would fool ?
not you silent songbird high in the sky ,
now you get to choose how many die ;
as your 500 pound bomb silently descends
and the story of those children suddenly ,

4 thoughts on “Flight of the Songbird: (Over Pakistan)

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Comments gleaned from the Facebook page of ” Your wish is my command “,24 October:Sunil Sharma, Kusum Vig and Venkatesh Kumar like this.

    Venkatesh Kumar I am touched. Do we really neee wars? What wrong have the children done to anybody? The war masters dismiss it as collateral damage. Heartless plunderers.
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    Kusum Vig It is such a pleasure to see your post here, Louis….”not you silent songbird high in the sky ,now you get to choose how many die ;” What a thought provoking write from a Master poet. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Venkatesh Kumar So much of Wordswoth I ser in your poem Louis Kasatkin
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    Sunil Sharma Superb! Louis Kasatkin: The great mentor and poet-critic defamiliarises the songbird-narrative and makes it extremely potent and political—the true hallmark of a genius poet anywhere. So simple, yet so profound and elegant.
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  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Re: [Facebook Poetry Society] Silent songbird high in the sky ,
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    great poem….heartbreaking!

  3. ramesh rai

    A Painful write. These bombs do not recognise any one even the hill mountains, rivers,. OMG ! when this world will be fit to live in. My God ! Please save this world from all these ego makers.

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