Fishing Boat Adventure:-Eyewitness

He didn’t want to talk about it;
he couldn’t remember the boy’s
face or his name;
though they were together for
days aboard that small boat,
tuna fishermen going about their
chores in the stern pulling up
the splendid silver fish
one by one;
when,somehow the boy fell overboard,
everything happened in less than a minute,
two sharks were swimming with the tunas,
in two bites they’d shredded his guts
and ripped off his leg;
the crew hauled the boy up very
quickly,his eyes wide with disbelief
not understanding what had happened to him,
a cumulative hypnotic frame by
frame study of chance and fate;
the stench of the boy,
abdomen slashed open
guts spilling excrement
onto the deck;
enough of that!
he didn’t want to
talk about it anymore.

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)

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