Fields of darkness

Smiling in my white dress
I wear the death grin as a masque
No shadow of mine to caress the grass

I am a windy veil to embrace your face

My kiss, a rose’s scent, will float around
All that I touch will feel my ghostly passion
I will fill up your wounds with soft ambrosia

Come, let’s slide through fields of darkness
Let’s glue our souls with running lava
Let’s sip the dew, let’s be the mist this morning

And then I’ll slowly melt into the meadows….

2 thoughts on “Fields of darkness

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Fields of darkness ” , besides being studded with plentiful literary allusions for those skilled at deducing them, the poem contains definitely the grandest of Grand Guignol. With the opening line refering to a ” white dress “, the portentous narrative is surely a homage to Miss Havesham in ” Great expectations ” ?

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