You are not there
And yet you are
Like words
melting in the air
Every moment
I feel you
but cannot find you
You repair the toy
I broke in my emptiness
I don’t know
whether I’m searching
for myself
or for you
You are there
Yet you are not

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About sarita_Jenamani

Sarita Jenamani was born in Cuttack, India. She studied economics and business administration in Orissa and Vienna, published several books of poetry in Hindi and Oriya her mother tongue, she has also translated several poems (including Lorca, Paz, Rose Ausländer and other Austrian Poets). She is currently living and working in Vienna.

1 thought on “Father

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It is very often a challenge to express the inexpressible , particularly where the work deals with the loss of a family member . The quality of a poem like , “Father ” lies, I think , in its cathartic value and in the reader’s own personal recognition that at least they are not alone in undergoing such an experience.

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