Hold the string taut, Father!
Please hold thy string taut.
Words flow unevenly, in
Many an unforgettable moments
The root thy were, and
Swaying leaf, I.
Never thee cared to look, from
Below the earth
To the sky above.
Thee were knowing
I was basking in breeze, in
Total health and joy

Stretch thy eternal love, Father!
Stretch thy love eternal.
Every cosmic cell
Resonate thy essence.
In pull of thy sweetness
Freedom bask in strength.
Shadow of shelter, form
From an umbrella to umbilical

In beat of my brazen words
Mince not thy love, Father!
I am alone here
A solitary soul HERE, Father!
Ever pious I was, in
Ever thy blessings.

Hold thy string taut, Father!
Hold it eternally.
In every bead of breath
I offer thee my rosary count.
Accept my token of love, Father!
Please hold thy string taut.

4 thoughts on “Father

  1. tapeshwar Post author

    Yes, Louis Kasatkin Sir, thee are right. A cry from the heart. So much thanks for mirroring me.


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