saying good bye I spent my life
everyday a farewell contains
good bye sunshine, maybe tomorrow
you’ll caress me again
farewell sweet image in the mirror
maybe you’ll keep my youth in thy dark waters
good bye I say leaving my nest,
hoping to be back in the evening…
sleep well, my child, go in your fairy, dreamy world
I’ll be here waiting your return

It hurts, but you get used to it
the pain is your companion, your faithful friend, indeed
she never goes, she never says good bye
it’s here in the dark singing a lullaby

6 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The seemingly familiar tropes of motherhood , lullabies ,fairy tales-the poem mentions mirrors and dark waters- are reworked something quintessentially darker if only by implication. It brought to mind the Ben Affleck movie from a few years ago , “Gone baby Gone “.

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